Why use Fast House Sale NI?

For most people planning on selling their home, the best option will be to use a conventional estate agent. For some sellers, however, getting the house sold as quickly as possible might be important. There are a number of reasons why this might be the case, they may be emigrating or dealing with debts, for example. In those cases Fast House Sale NI offers the best service for people who need to get a sale as quickly as possible.

It’s fast.

This might sound obvious, it’s in the name after all, but for some people selling their property it really is important to get a sale sorted as quickly as they possible can.

At Fast House Sale NI, we can agree an offer on your property within 24-48 hours and can complete the sale as quickly or as slowly as you like depending on your needs. Once we have made an offer it will remain valid for 28 days, so you have time to make your mind up, if you need to, and we never pressure you during that time.
Change of Circumstances.

Most people buy their home with the intention of staying in the property and making a life there, but sometimes circumstances change. Perhaps you bought your home as a young couple, but now you have a child on the way and the house just isn’t big enough. Maybe you bought with your partner and now you’re separating and want to move on from the house you shared. You might have found a new job and need to move before you start.

Whatever the circumstances, it’s important for you to deal with your existing property before you can move on. We can take the property off your hands as quickly as you need, leaving you free to move on.

It can save you money.

At Fast House Sale NI, we will usually offer around 80-85% of the value of your property. For some sellers this might sound like they’re losing money, but in some situations this can amount to a saving. Selling a house can be expensive in itself. You will have to have a valuation, there will be solicitor’s fees, the estate agent will have to get their share and, of course, you will have to keep paying your mortgage until the sale is completed, however long that takes.

At Fast House Sale NI, there are no hidden costs or catches. We provide a free valuation, consultation and we will pay up to £1000 of your solicitor’s costs. Selling your house to us is much cheaper than a conventional sale and you could save money on the mortgage as well.

So, if you’re in Northern Ireland and you need to sell your house quickly, call Fast House Sale NI now on 0844 846 8880 and we will make you an offer within 48 hours.