Struggling With Debts In Belfast? Make 2019 The Year You Get Your Finances Back On Track.

Debt is a normal part of most people’s personal finances. Everyone relies on credit cards, over drafts, personal loans and mortgages at some point in their lives. Whether you’re renovating your house, paying for a holiday or just tiding yourself over until payday, everyone borrows.

For some people, however, debts can become unmanageable. Sometimes a pay cut or losing a job can make your repayments unaffordable. Sometimes low wages lead to chronic debt you can’t escape from.

Often people find their debt situation gets worse at the start of the New Year. Christmas spending on credit and store cards can add to existing debts, leaving you owing more than usual.

If this situation sounds familiar to you, then we can help. At Get Help With Debt, we can help you to write off thousands of pounds in debt and provide you with a range of options for dealing with the remainder.

For some clients a debt management plan might be what they need to get to grips with their debt. With a debt management plan, you will only have one monthly payment to make and you will only pay what you can afford until your debts have been cleared.

For others, an individual voluntary arrangement, or IVA, might be the best option. An IVA is a legally binding agreement between you and your lender and could make you debt free in as little as five years. We’ll stop your creditors from calling or writing to you to demand payments and freeze any late fees or charges you’ve incurred.

For a few clients, self-petition bankruptcy might be necessary. You will have to put any available disposable income you have towards this for three years, but you won’t have to deal with your creditors anymore and once your bankruptcy is completed you will be able to start fresh.

So, if you’re living in Northern Ireland and struggling with debt, whether your credit cards have gotten out of control, store cards are mounting up or you have a mortgage you just can’t afford, we can help you. Go online to and take our free online debt assessment or request a call back to discuss your situation and take the first step to becoming debt free.