Can I sell my house quickly

Can I Sell My House Quickly?

Can I Sell My House Quickly?

SOME house sales drag on for months. Sometimes the process can take years.

So where does that leave the seller who can’t afford to hang about waiting for completion of a sale which may – or may not – materialise

Fast House Sale NI came into being to help those who want or need to sell quickly, quietly, no overheads, no fuss, deal done, money banked, moving on thank you very much. The reasons for fast sales are many and varied. But for the individual, couple, family or group intent on selling, the need to do so promptly and discretely is the priority. They are aware of cases where it has taken forever and they have no wish to become another anxious, frustrated, disappointed would-be seller being charged by agents and advertising outlets and who, despite having forked out good money, cannot get over the line in terms of completion.

Who needs to sell quickly? And why? All sorts of people for all sorts of reasons.

People who are emigrating and just want the whole house-selling issue done and dusted before they leave. A quick sale would be very welcome.

People to whom property may have been left following the death of a relative. They have a home of their own so they don’t need this other one as a residence, particularly as it might need to have work done before they could move in; redecoration at least, but quite possibly something a lot more substantial – and expensive.

It may be a case of a relationship breakdown which has seen both halves of a couple going their separate ways. They don’t want to spend time and money on the traditional house sale route involving estate agents, solicitors and a spruce-up or overhaul in readiness for visits by a stream of viewers, particularly as there is no guarantee of an offer at the end of it all that time, trouble and outlay.

Perhaps they have lost your job and, as a result of being unemployed, they need to get rid of everything they can no longer afford. Top of the list? The house. A quick sale is exactly what they require.

But how do you sell your home quickly? What does a quick house sale involve? Are there hidden costs? And how much could you expect to receive if you chose to follow the fast house sale road? And if you were happy with the price, how quickly could you expect to see the money for the sale?

Fast House Sale NI’s way of doing things is a clear case of ‘what it says on the tin’.

It’s a quick sale which means you will not get full market value on the property in the same way you would if you were to go through the normal channels. But it’s a genuine option for somebody who wants good cash quickly.

Typically, Fast House Sales NI will offer up to 80% of the current full market value, though on occasions offers in the region of 85% have been made.

And as all of those to have availed of its services decided, better the guarantee of £8 in your pocket right now than the mere dream or vague hope of a full £10 at some undefined point down the line, particularly as you may be substantially out of said-pocket between now and then.

All in all, it’s a quick, easy, no-hidden-costs transaction. An offer is made – and, significantly, it is one which includes Fast House Sales NI picking up all the other tabs normally associated with a house sale.

In other words, the seller does not have to pay for legal fees or foot the bill for an estate agent’s costs.

Ordinarily it’s a six-eight weeks start-to-finish process, though there have been examples of completion within four weeks.

In addition to having all the extra costs looked after, further attractions of any such sale include the certainty that it will go through and that the seller is assured of complete discretion. There are no For Sale boards, no adverts and nobody else will be aware of the fact that you are selling, or have sold, or to whom or for how much. All such information is strictly confidential.

Once the deal is done and the handshakes are exchanged, the cash will be in your bank within weeks. Worst case scenario? Eight weeks.

Not only are Fast House Sales the biggest such company in Northern Ireland; they are part of a much bigger entity, namely CD Fairfield Capital, a Belfast-based group of companies who are both proud and protective of their reputation for ethics, integrity and transparency.

Fast House Sales NI guarantee an open market valuation of the property. Nor are they put off by its state of repair or the standard to which it has been maintained.

Even if it has been so poorly looked after that it has reached the point of not being mortgageable, they will welcome the opportunity to take a look with a view to buying it.

If you’re interested in a quick sale – be it residential, commercial property or land – Fast House Sale NI want to hear from you.