Divorced and need to sell

I’m Divorced & Need To Sell My House Quickly

I’m Divorced & Need To Sell My House Quickly

‘My divorce is dragging out due to a shared mortgage, can you sell my house quickly?’

So your marriage has ended and now you want to sort out your affairs, put the past behind you, plan your future and move on.


But there is a problem. There is a house to be sold and in view of all the other important issues to be resolved, the traditional estate agent/surveyor/solicitor route – which can be ponderous, tedious, expensive and prone to setbacks at any of the many stages involved – may not best serve your purposes .

So is there an alternative? Mercifully, yes.

Fast House Sale NI recognise that divorcing is a difficult enough process. They’re often asked, ‘can you sell my house quickly?’

They know it can be very painful and that it may turn nasty, sometimes descending  into something rather spiteful and vengeful where the emotion-charged desire for retribution begins to override the need for composure and a common sense approach in everyone’s best interests.

Experience has taught Fast House Sale NI that divorce is one of the principal reasons for enquiries about their service.

There is nothing complex about the procedure. The name is self-explanatory; Fast House Sale NI do what they say. They buy for-sale houses in Northern Ireland – quickly.

How? By cutting out as many as possible of the steps which slow the process down. And it is remarkable how much time and money – your money – can be saved by doing away with middle men.

So as well as being fast, it can be cost-effective. In other words, ideal for anyone who is divorcing.

Examples of some of those intermediate steps you avoid? Here is a list – and it’s not even exhaustive  – of a solicitor’s tasks ahead of completion:

Preparing and sending a sale contract with the ownership documents on loan to the buyer’s solicitor.

Helping the seller complete detailed disclosure questionnaires.

Applying for property certificates from the Department of the Environment and local council.

Applying for Bankruptcy and Court Judgement searches against the seller.

Applying to the Land Registers for searches against the seller to make sure all outstanding mortgages or registered debts are taken into account.

Then there is having the seller complete and settle detailed lists of fixtures, fittings and contents included or excluded from the deal.

Ensuring the seller has an Energy Performance Certificate.

Obtaining exact details of debts owed to the lender, estate agent, ground landlord and others in preparation for discharge on completion.

Considering any amendments to the contract after the buyer has signed once the contract has been received back from the buyer’s solicitor and settling any problems which have arisen.

Having the contract countersigned by the seller and put into legal effect by faxing a copy of the contract to the buyer’s solicitor.

Having the seller sign transfer documents in preparation for completion.

Then on completion day paying off all mortgages and charges against the property and applying for release documentation.

Informing the Rates Office of the buyer’s name and forwarding any refund to the seller.

Accounting to the seller for the net proceeds of the sale after debts and expenses are paid off.

Completing the registration of release documentation to free the property from previous debts.

And, finally, closing the solicitor’s file and storing it for 12 years in case of future disputes.


With Fast House Sale NI there are no such delays. Because it’s Fast House who buy the property, there is no waiting for a would-be buyer to sell their home before being able to complete the process. And with no estate agents involved there are no advertising costs, fees or commission to be paid.

Typically, Fast House Sales NI offer up to 80% of the current market value, though on occasions offers in the region of 85% have been made. This makes it a very good option for somebody who wants their cash quickly. Like a divorcee.

No delays, no viewings, no outlay, no hassle and a guaranteed 80% in your pocket right now.

It’s quick, it’s easy and there are no hidden costs.

Fast House Sale NI make an offer and pay all the other bills relating to the house sale.

With no legal fees and no estate agent’s costs, that’s all money saved.

And while it’s usually a six-eight weeks process, there have been examples of completion within four weeks.

And with no For Sale boards or adverts, discretion is guaranteed.

When the deal is done and the handshakes exchanged the cash is lodged in your bank account. Worst case scenario? Eight weeks.

So, ‘can you sell my house quickly?’ Yes, they can!

So if you are divorcing and need to sell your house quickly and discreetly, contact Fast House Sale NI. Now.