Shark Promising To Sell My House

Is A Shark Promising To Sell My House?

‘Is A Shark Promising To Sell My House?’

There are all manner of reasons which can prevent or delay the sale of a property.

The state of the market, the preponderance of similar properties, the availability or cost of mortgages, the price you are asking and the condition of what you are trying to sell are just a few of them.

At this stage, the cost of mortgages ought not to be an issue. With the base interest rate continuing to creep along the fiscal ocean bed at an all-time low, mortgages have never been more affordable.

Currently the property market is stable, albeit that no-one is quite sure of what the future may hold in the wake of the Brexit vote. Meanwhile houses continue to sell.

So if you cannot attract a buyer, you have got to ask yourself why that might be? Is your asking price unrealistically high? Has it been marketed properly? Is the property in a bad state of repair? Could location be an issue? Honest answers will serve your purpose best at this stage….

If you are divorcing, emigrating, need to clear debts or have inherited a property, you could benefit from selling quickly rather than via the normal estate agent, surveyor, bank/building society, solicitor, route.

A Fast House Sale is carried out much more quickly than that, not least because it is guaranteed to be problem-free.


Simply because the process entails removing all of the intermediary steps and players, thereby enabling a smooth, swift, start-to-finish transaction.

A Fast House Sale minimises the stages at which things can become ground down. The roles of surveyors, lenders and solicitors are eradicated, making for a totally straightforward process.

So for anyone who needs to sell quickly, this could be just the solution for which they have been searching.

Put simply, Fast House Sales respond to your invitation to view the property you wish/need to sell. Having done so – at no cost to you – they will then make you an offer.

Normally this will be in the region of 80% of current market value of comparable nature in the same location. On occasions, however, the offer can be as high as 90%.

That offer price is guaranteed. Fast House Sales pride themselves on their reputation for integrity. That being the case, there are no last-minute subtractions in lieu of previously unmentioned ‘outgoings’ on their part.

With Fast House Sales, what you see is what you get and what you get is what you were offered and promised at the outset. If there are any late extra costs, those will come out of their pockets, not yours.

You may at some stage have had the misfortune of seeing a sale fall through as a result of a would-be buyer having themselves been let down by someone to whom they had been expecting to sell their home.

Again, that does not happen with a Fast House Sale. And that, too, is guaranteed.

The reasons for them being able to offer that assurance are: (a) they are not dependent on money from the sale of something else to finance the purchase of your home, and (b) there is no delay while they await the mortgage application approval of a bank or building society.

Thus, with a Fast House Sale there are no disappointments. They are not required to sell anything prior to buying from you, nor are they dependent on lenders advancing them money to finance the purchase of your property.

Nor will you be required to spend anything on refurbishing and redecorating the home you wish to sell. Since they operate a buy-as-seen policy,  if there is work to be done ahead of them putting the property on the open market at some future date, they – not you – will pay for that.

So, no monetary hiccups, no reliance on anyone else and no make-overs in readiness for viewings as there are no viewings. The only ‘viewers’ will be Fast House Sales team, with whom you are dealing directly each step of the way.

The decorative state of the property is not an issue. If they buy a home in need of substantial repair and upgrading, it will be because they recognise that, with their work and their money, it can become attractive further down the line.

Fast House Sales’ money will be in your account within weeks. In the interim, there will be no adverts or For Sale boards regarding the property, thereby providing you with total discretion. No-one will know you are selling. Nor will they know the price involved.

In keeping with their name, it’s all fast, easy, secure and guaranteed.

So if, for whatever reason, you want money quickly for your property, contact Fast House Sales and let them solve your problem.