Need to sell a property fast? We can help.

Selling a house can be a long process. In Northern Ireland, the average time it takes to sell a property is 119 days, about three months, and for some sellers this is just too long.

Some people may need to move house because they have a sale agreed on another property or you need to move city, or even country for a new job or to enjoy retirement somewhere warm, and can’t afford to wait three months to sell an existing home.

People going through a divorce may also want to sell their home as quickly as they can in order to end any financial commitments they might have with their former partner, so they can move on with their lives as quickly as possible.

A fast house sale might also be necessary for borrowers dealing with property debt who need to sell as part of a settlement with their lender.

But moving can be a difficult enough process, especially when dealing with other changes in personal circumstances like a move or a divorce, and having to handle a protracted sale at the same time is only going to make things more difficult.

At Fast House Sale NI, however, we can help you get a property sold as quickly as possible, so our clients can move on with their life without the burden of an old property holding them back.
We can agree an offer on the property in as little as 48 hours and once we’ve agreed a price, we can complete the sale as quickly or as slowly as needed depending on the circumstances. Once we’ve made an offer it will remain valid for 28 days, to give enough time to decide if it’s the best option.

Selling a property with us could also save money. We typically buy properties for 80-85% of their market value, which might sound like a loss compared to selling with an estate agent, but there can be significant savings along the way.

Selling property through an estate agent means have to having a valuation, there will be solicitor’s fees, and, of course, the mortgage repayments will still have to be covered until the sale is completed, which could take months.

Selling your home with Fast House Sale NI, however, is different. We offer a free valuation, consultation and will contribute to the solicitor’s costs, so selling a house to us is much cheaper than a conventional sale and completing the sale faster means getting out of the making mortgage repayments a lot faster.

We also offer much more discretion, than an estate agent will provide. Privacy is important, especially during a difficult time, such as when going through a divorce. When dealing with us, there’s no need for a billboard outside the house. We won’t post pictures of the house online or in a shop window for everyone to look at. When selling a house with Fast House Sale NI, we guarantee confidentiality.

For more information, call Fast House Sale NI now on 0844 846 8880 and we will make an offer within 48 hours.