Have You A Negative Equity Mortgage?

If you purchased your house around 2006 – 2008 and find yourself in Negative Equity but according to an article on Net House Prices even people who took their mortgage out in 2014 would find themselves in negative equity if there was a 10% drop in house prices. With the increased uncertainty around Brexit the continuation of the current drop in values it is a real possibility.

Negative Equity UK which is part of the CD Fairfield Capital Group are the leading experts when it comes to negative equity.  If you find yourself in this situation do not worry as we have helped hundreds of families all over the UK achieve a mortgage write off in order to allow them to negotiate a new mortgage or move to a new home.

We can carry out a bespoke case review that takes into consideration each client’s individual circumstances and provide our clients with a range of options on how they can solve their negative equity problem.  We are proud of our net promoter score of 90% and the independent rating of 4.88/5 from our clients, this results in us being the highest independently rated debt management company in the UK.

With a dedicated and experienced team of financial advisers and insolvency practitioners in-house we are also the only negative equity company in the UK to be approved and regulated by the FCA on all the options available to help you with your negative equity problem.

Negative Equity UK was started by Phil Davison & Tom Cardwell who have over 20 years of combined experience between them in the property and financial sectors.  With our average mortgage write down of over £75,000 and a success rate of 96.6% we are sure that we will find the right solution to allow you to move on.  So if you are looking for a negative equity mortgage solution get in touch today on 0161 660 4403 to see how we can help you achieve a mortgage write down.