Were You Mis Sold An Interest Only Mortgage

It is well documented that mortgage lending during the mid-2000s was “fast and loose” at best. Many homeowners were sold unsuitable mortgage products, leaving them in a difficult financial position today. In conjunction with our industry leading legal partners we have successfully challenged mis-sold mortgages and secured significant sums of money back for our clients. […]

Landlord Debt Advisory: Case Settlement Process

Following on from my previous post where I introduced CD Fairfield Capital as a company and our property debt resolutions brands, my next posts are case studies, real-life client situations we have dealt with and resolved. Our Professional Landlord client approached us via our www.landlorddebtadvisory.com website for property debt solutions. For the sake of anonymity, […]

Are you in Negative Equity? We can help!

There is a considerable amount of misinformation surrounding property debt and negative equity. The aim of this and subsequent articles is to provide an overview of how we have been assisting homeowners and landlords with property debt issues since 2012. CD Fairfield was formed by Philip Davison (MD), and Tom Caldwell as a reaction to […]

CD Fairfield Secures Major £2M Partnership with Move With Us

CD Fairfield Capital, one of the UK’s leading Non-Statutory and Statutory property debt specialists, has secured an exclusive two year rolling contract with Move With Us to be the sole approved provider of debt services to its group. Move With Us is the UK’s largest network of independent estate agents (with over 1200 high street […]

Selling a property in winter? Here are our tips for seasonal staging.

Winter can be a difficult time to sell a property, but with the right staging, you can turn the season to your advantage. Here are our tips for success when selling your home in winter. Start from theoutside. We don’t get a lot of snow in Northern Ireland, but when it comes it can be […]