What is negative equity?

“I’m in Negative Equity,” is something that many of us are hearing and talking about these days. This is because more and more people have been caught in the ‘negative equity trap’ since house prices feel so rapidly since the highs of 2006/2007. And it seems many of us are still struggling to cope with […]


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In the UK in May house prices fell 0.2% from April according to the Nationwide building society, while in Northern Ireland 69% say they are worried about your negative equity house. These suggest that many homeowners are still stuck in the negative equity trap. The YouGov survey conducted on behalf on HomeOwners Allicane, BLP Insurance […]


A Guide To Your Credit Rating

Your credit rating, which can also be referred to as your credit score, is something which is often talked about or used in adverts and credit applications – but what exactly does it mean, how are they calculated and why are they important? Hopefully by the time you have finished reading this you should understand […]


Have You A Negative Equity Mortgage?

Have You A Negative Equity Mortgage? If you purchased your house around 2006 – 2008 and find yourself in Negative Equity but according to an article on Net House Prices even people who took their mortgage out in 2014 would find themselves in negative equity if there was a 10% drop in house prices. With […]

What Is Negative Equity

What is Negative Equity? Negative equity happens when something is worth less than the finance (mortgage or loan) taken out to purchase it originally.  It is a common problem after the housing market crashed in 2008 but as the housing market has never recovered to the 2008 levels hundreds of thousands of people still find […]