Debt levels mounting in UK as borrowing hits new heights

Recent years has witnessed a lending boom in the UK, with borrowing at its highest levels since before the financial crash. With debt levels so high it seems all sections of our society are being affected as more and more people in the UK start to struggle with the level of their debt. Britain’s household […]


Surveys reveal Brexit hitting south of England and London house prices

Brexit has played a negative role in house prices in southern England as new data revealed downturn in the market since the 2016 referendum. Leading up to the vote house prices across the south of England powered ahead achieving an increase of £1.04tn in the value of housing stock. But since the June 2016 vote […]


A Fifth Of UK’s Homeowners will still be paying their mortgage in retirement

According to recent figures a fifth of UK’s homeowners will still be paying off their mortgage after they stop earning a wage – with many of them living in a negative equity house. The startling figures reveal the legacy of interest-only loans and delayed first-time buying are starting to kick-in as these loans start coming […]


Northern Ireland debt figures are reaching new heights

Debt in Northern Ireland, like the rest of the UK, is rising with the average credit card debt per household standing at £2,653 in April 2019 according to On top of that at the end of April people in the UK owed £1,637 billion in personal debt (Office for Budget Responsibility’s) and household debt […]


13 Tips for Getting out of Debt

It’s so easy to get into debt these days – it’s frightening. Figures announced in May ( show that the average total debt per household in the UK, including mortgages, was £59,713, while people as a whole in the UK owed £1,637 billion at the end of April. Most people experience problem debts at some […]