Property debt options

Property Debt, What Are My Options?

Property Debt, What Are My Options? Property Debt is a massive problem in today’s world. National debt, company debt, corporate debt, property debt, personal debt on secured and unsecured loans. In what has become a way of life, we spend more than we earn. In many cases, a lot more. Far too much more, in […]

Get out of negative equity

How Can I Get Out Of Negative Equity?

How To Get Out Of Negative Equity Before addressing the problem of how to get out of negative equity, let’s first define exactly what that is. You are in negative equity when you owe more on your home than the price at which it is now valued. If, for example, you paid £220,000 for a […]

Help with your mortgage debt problems

We Can Help With Your Mortgage Debt Problems

Who do you turn to if your mortgage debt is piling up? With staff working on over 300 clients in different stages of their case at any one time, we at Negative Equity NI are continually striving to do the best for those who are struggling with mortgage debt. Since the start of 2016 we’ve […]

Help with negative equity

Are You In Negative Equity? We Can Help!

Are You In Negative Equity? Negative equity is still a harsh reality and in some parts of the country there is little reason to believe that things are going to improve to any great extent in the near future. Many of those still playing catch-up are coming from such a deficit that it is going […]

Belfast City Centre

Is Negative Equity Still A Problem In N.I In 2016?

Is Negative Equity Still A Problem In N.I? Is negative equity still an issue in Northern Ireland in 2016? In a word, yes! Negative equity is still a very real issue in Northern Ireland. It is true that house prices are rising in some areas: south and east Belfast, parts of north Down and several villages and small […]