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There are footballers and then there are FOOTBALLERS. They may, theoretically, be playing the same game but their ability to do so varies greatly. While all players are restricted by the same pitch dimensions, use the same size and weight of ball and adhere to the same rules, for some reason the Irish League boasts […]

Buy or rent a house

Should I Buy A House Or Rent A House? Aria Residential

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the ‘Should I buy or should I rent?’ question. In reality it depends on what you want to do, what you expect your home to be and its role in all the other areas and aspects of your life. The current state of the property market – and, as […]

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Buy-To-Let, Invest With Aria Residential

Not so long ago, buy-to-let was seen to be a sound property investment – a proven, productive and profitable piece of business. On an industrial scale this entailed super-rich individuals or large consortia buying houses, apartments or flats, if necessary sprucing them up a little and then letting them out to reliable tenants whose rent […]

Sell my house in Belfast

Can You Sell My House In Belfast?

Selling a property in Belfast HERE in Northern Ireland there are some things that so deeply embedded in our make-up that now they are taken as being DNA-transmitted. One such example is our fixation with home ownership. While our counterparts in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and much of Scandinavia may be happy to rent, to […]

Aria Residential

Aria Residential, The Landlord’s Choice

It isn’t rocket science; a landlord’s primary objective is to make money, be it as a result of rental income or through selling property at the right price at the right time. Either way they will benefit from a good working relationship with a proven, knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy estate agent whose record supports his or her claims to be […]