Insolvency Northern Ireland

If you are looking for an insolvency practitioner in Northern Ireland we have on our IPA that works with CD Fairfield to achieve and ensure that we are offering the right advice to our clients. Ed Walsh joined CD Fairfield in 2015 with more than three decades experience working in corporate and personal insolvency across […]


House Prices are forecast to dip 6% on no-deal Brexit

House Prices could fall by 10-20%, KPMG Claims Property owners in places like the South East & London could be hardest hit Properties in Northern Ireland could be worth 7.5% less in 2020 A recent article published by This Is Money is based on recent report by accounting firm KPMG.  Even if you are not […]


Overseas Property Debt Issues

As part of the landlord debt advisory week at Property Tribes (the leading independent site for landlords in the UK) one of the founders, Tom Cardwell discussed the topic of ‘Overseas Property Debt Issues’. As a landlord himself he understands that there can often be at least one problem property in anyone’s portfolio.  Landlord Debt […]


Negative Equity Company

Negative Equity NI has been independently verified as the top negative equity company in Northern Ireland with 4.88 out of 5 stars.  We hold the best record for helping our customers achieve write-offs of up to 95%.  Our average debt write-off is £75,923 and we are successful in 96.6% of our cases. What Is Negative […]

Economist warns of slowdown in Northern Ireland housing market

This week’s Irish News ran a story highlighting that leading economist Richard Ramsey was warning that there is a slowdown in the housing market in Northern Ireland.  The most recent NISRA statistics show that house prices increased 3.5% across the whole of Northern Ireland since last year.  What this doesn’t explore is that the increase […]