Insolvency Northern Ireland

If you are looking for an insolvency practitioner in Northern Ireland we have on our IPA that works with CD Fairfield to achieve and ensure that we are offering the right advice to our clients.

Ed Walsh joined CD Fairfield in 2015 with more than three decades experience working in corporate and personal insolvency across the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. In 1992 he passed the Joint Insolvency Examination Board exams to become a licensed insolvency practitioner.

His job, as Insolvency Practitioner, is to take the formal appointments in the Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) that CD Fairfield assists its clients in drafting in order to deal with their debts, where informal arrangements cannot achieve that purpose.

“He enjoys knowing that Get Help With Debt is helping to relieve huge financial burdens from the client and giving them a chance to put their life back on track.”

To be an insolvency practitioner you need to satisfy the authorising body.  They must follow the law and ensure that regulators have access to the work to make sure that they maintain their professional standards and are fit to provide the services that an Insolvency Practitioner do.

Insolvency practitioners are involved in a range of debt solutions such as bankruptcy, liquidation of businesses, company administrations and voluntary arrangements such as an IVA.  When it comes to IVA’s insolvency practitioners are considered to be the supervisors of these voluntary arrangements.

If you are looking for insolvency practitioners in NI your next step is to contact Get Help With Debt (part of CD Fairfield Capital) are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and only ever follow strict advice guidelines on 02890 393626. They will be able to give you advice on all of the options available to you and if you choose to engage us to act on your behalf you can be rest assured of having an experienced Insolvency practitioner on your side.