At CD Fairfield, we recently sponsored Noireland, Ireland’s first three day crime fiction festival, organised by No Alibis independent bookshop.

We supported Noireland in organising a series of creative writing workshops with leading crime writers to develop a new generation of local authors and screenwriters.

With more than 2000 people attending the festival, organiser David Torrans, was pleased with how it went.

He said; “This was the first three day crime fiction festival in Ireland and it went very, very well. We had a full house for the opening event on the Friday, with more than 500 people. Over the weekend we had over 2000 people attend the festival.”

According to David, the festival wouldn’t have been as successful without the support from CD Fairfield.

“Without the support from CD Fairfield, we simply wouldn’t have had as complete or full a festival. CD Fairfield helped us to organise workshops so people could engage directly with leading crime fiction authors, helping to sow the seeds of future creativity.”

At CD Fairfield we’re pleased to have been able to support this great new addition to Belfast’s cultural calendar and to help aspiring new writers develop through the Noireland workshops.